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  1. A monkey.....i love it !!!

    You have very good 3D jobs.

    i'm starting to know 3D softwares, like rhinoceros. Isn't easy work, but is really fun.

    Take care ^^

  2. Bon giorno ;)
    I´m starting a new project on Lightwave, I want to model a mad scientist mansion, I'm posting updates on my blog, if you could visit it and let me know if Im doing things right. I will need a lot of help on the lighting and texturing department.
    As always thanks for posting and sharing your work.
    (by the way, there will be a full lenght luchadores 5 movie)

  3. sorry... my blog is:


  4. I really love your works! Very inspiring. You are the artist who did 3D Totoro a while back, right? It's really good.

    Keep making inspiring works!