Little Creature_Experimantal Shading

Some shading and lighting experiments on a simply model
for create a funky effect to a character^^

The surfaces are flatter "funky" colors with a little amount of luminosity like 10%-15%
the rest is only lighting work.check the image

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With some variatiton on colors and lighting you can get some nice results,about my little moster this is the final result...

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Work on a gradient on a incidente angle for get more smooth effect...or you can do it in photoshop..btw simply make some experiments!

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  1. nice ^^
    I don't know about this but I like your work
    I see your fotolog ever I can
    c ya
    if you want to add me: ;D

  2. Julianita /fotolog.little_pop6 aprile 2007 16:53

    Hey i also do 3D stuff i love yours! so nice, i like your bugs!
    kisses from sick madrid

  3. Beautifull character and very good blog.

  4. thank's bug!
    YOU are lovely ^^
    very nice character, good work!!