The Little Bird Project.MyEntry^^

From the briefing:

"The basic idea behind this project is to design a bird charcater. Draw, doodle,
paint or spray a bird (it doesn?t matter what kind of bird and in which
way of action: flying, sitting, sleeping, eating -- it?s up to you).

We are planning the do a big poster with all the bird characters and an exhibition.
The poster will be sold at the exhibition and in an online store and we'll donate the profit to UNICEF
for their work against Child labour. We think a bird is a good statement and
symbol for freedom. "

I think this is a great project..
Still work in progress but this is the basic idea of my contribution ^^

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Some updates soon!

2 commenti:

  1. I like the design, little ironic, a bird flying with a bird plane.
    Very cute and cool.
    Make a good render please.

  2. che carino! mi piace..