Hello my name is Dr.Destruction

Finally i've finished the basic model!!
I would like to remember that this character is from a comic strip called Luchalibre and drawed by Muttpop,
unfortunately i didn't have so much reference to make it same as the one on the comic,so there are some little difference.
The texturing will be simple,only some materials..so stay tuned for other updates^^

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3 commenti:

  1. Hi bug!
    I´ve got your blog´s address from your flog.
    I really wonder with that 3d work you do...
    I used to "play" with 3dstudio long time ago....and i remember my computer all night long rendering images....he he he
    I really like the 3d jobs you do, do you animate them? Would like to see them in action.

    Best regards my friend,
    keep the good job!

    ( =_=)/

  2. Luchadores 5!
    way to go!