I've found the time to create the Uv for this model..
UV mapping is a 3D modelling process of making a 2D map representing a 3D model.In contrast to "X", "Y" and "Z", which are the coordinates for the original 3D object in the modelling space, "U" and "V" are the coordinates of this transformed map of the surface.

In the image down here a more easy way to understand what a Uvmap is.^^

Sometimes the trouble of making Uv are wrong distortion and proportions of the maps.For fix this usually i do a pattern like this in Photoshop and use it as a texture...

...for check a correct continuity and right proportions of the single parts of the model:

The result up there is enought good for the next (and more cool) step...paint textures in Photoshop!

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